Organic Avocado and Mango Box

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Box of 9 or 4 Kg of organic avocados and mangoes. The 9 Kg Box contains 5 Kg (approx. 10 pieces) of mangoes of the Osteen or Keitt variety and 4 Kg (approx. 12 pieces) of avocados of the Bacon or Fuerte varieties. The 4 Kg Box contains 2,5 Kg (approx. 5 pieces) of mangoes of the Osteen or Keitt variety and 1,5 Kg (approx. 4 pieces) of avocados of the Bacon or Fuerte varieties.

You can only enjoy this exotic box between October and November.

  • In October we offer the most important mango variety in our area, Osteen. The Osteen Mango is the most popular variety in Spain and the market leader. They have a pink colour and turn yellow when they are ripe. It has an intense flavour and not many strings. The seeds are very thin and small and one piece weighs about 500 grams.
  • In November we offer the variety Keitt. These are large pink mangoes that are very easy to peel. One piece weighs about 600 gr. They have almost no strings and less sugar than other varieties and are really delicious.
  • The avocados of the Fuerte variety have a green colour and are very creamy. Long avocados with an intense flavour, they weigh about 250 gr. per piece and are very easy to peel.

Remember to wait a few days after receiving the fruit until they are ripe enough to eat!

Where do our fruits come from?

All our avocados and mangoes come from La Axarquía in Malaga, this area is the largest producer of tropical fruits in Europe thanks to its subtropical climate.

Our avocado and mango growers are Jesús and Miguel and their fincas are in Vélez-Málaga and Benamargosa. If you want to know more about our farmers, click on their names.

Make the most of your organic tropical fruits

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 41 × 29 × 20 cm

4 kg, 9 kg


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